The sound of
(informal) (= manifestation) demo (informal)
Music on the edge of something interesting, trying to shake a few walls down, and a few apples out of trees...
Don't listen
to those who seek power.

Released 1st July 2020
12" Vinyl and Digital Download

1. No Colour Without Light             6. Pathway                          11. Out Of The Way
2. First Friday                                     7. Corner                             12. Beneath
3. Looking Down                               8. Garden Life                    13. After Talking
4. Dumb Down                                  9. Not Expected
5. Another Bay                                   10. Pause
Holed up in Bath with some ideas and some gear...
Looking for those ideas wherever I can find them...
Looking out
I can only see the window
And in the glass
My reflection growing so cold
I know there's more
I remember seeing